Sep 1, 2018, 6:10 PM
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Iranian researchers recover nickel from spent catalysts

Tehran, Sept 1, IRNA – A research group from Iran’s Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT) has recycled cathodic nickel from spent catalysts.

“Manufacturing valuable product from cheap material is the key feature of the project. The proposed process is environmentally friendly because the spent catalysts can now be recycled instead of being disposed of by burying“, said the project executive Milad Rezaei while referreing to the advantages of nickel recovery process.

He compared the current $14 price of nickel per kilogram to the $3 price of the raw material per kilogram needed for nickel recovery process and said, “The project can create significant economic value for manufacturers”.

He referred to Iran’s import of nickel and said, “Nickel is being imported from Belgium, Canada, Finland, Russia and Japan currently and endogenous production can considerably prevent currency drain”.

“The complex process of nickel recovery from catalysts is registered as a patent”, he said.

Rezaei added, “The laboratory and pilot studies have been successfully conducted and the research team is currently working on fixing minor issues of the process”.

“Producing stainless steel is the main application of nickel. The current demand of domestic companies is fulfilled only via imports and it can help the country prevent currency drain”, he reiterated.

Other applications of nickel include plating, covering, superalloys, catalysts, and reduced iron.

The price of nickel in Iran’s metal market is generally 25% more than the global prices due to customs tariffs and transportation fees.


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