Improving ballistic missile, cruise power new plan of Defense Ministry

Tehran, Sept 1, IRNA - Improving ballistic and cruise missile power in different ways, achieving new generation of fighter jets and surface, submersible and long-range submarines, with diverse weapons capabilities, are among the new plans of the ministry of defense.

Strategic Advisor and International Affairs Director for Defense Ministry Brigadier General Mohammad Ahadi, on Saturday in a meeting with foreign military attaché living in Tehran, appreciated the efforts of military attaché in the development of bilateral relations and added,' During the year, our colleagues are in touch with most military attaché within the framework of the development of bilateral relations and our efforts are also facilitating security defense ties.'

'Our approach to defense diplomacy is based on communication and interaction with all countries, minus the occupying regime of Quds, within the framework of the foreign policy of the country to achieve and contribute to the regional and global peace and security and preventing crises,' said the advisor to defense minister, elaborating on defense diplomacy and regional developments.

Referring to the good relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the countries of the region, he noted, 'The close relationship and cooperation with the neighbors is in the priority of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and in this process, we have close communications and interactions, as well as security cooperation with the Eastern, Western, and Northern neighbors, and some countries in the south.'

'We have good communication with many Asian and African countries, and we do not see any barrier to the development of defense and defense cooperation with European countries and everyone should be involved and collaborated to provide peace and security to the point where they do not intervene to each other affairs' said Ahadi, referring to the inter-operative approach of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the countries of the world.


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