OANA meeting a valuable opportunity to improve media relations: Xinhua president

Beijing, Sept 1, IRNA - The president of Xinhua, China's official news agency considers OANA Executive Board meeting in Tehran a very important step towards the growth, the development and the enhancement of the extent of media relations, exchanges and interactions among the member states of this organization.

In an interview with IRNA on Saturday, Cai Mingzhao said, 'Since being established 57 years ago, The Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies, known as OANA, has always been a place and an opportunity for exchanges and cooperation among member states.'

The president of the Xinhua News Agency emphasized media cooperation and information dissemination among OANA member states have been enhanced through these interactions which have improved their relations in the Asia-Pacific region.

He said member states' mutual understanding plays a unique and positive role, adding, 'Xinhua, as China's official news agency and the news agency of one of the member states, places a high value on constructive interactions and cooperation, and their improvement.'

In the same vein, he stated after joining The Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies in 1998, Xinhua has had a very powerful, comprehensive and active presence in conferences, meetings and the relevant activities.

The president of China's official news agency stressed,' Xinhua has always had suggestions to hold meetings for news agencies at various conferences, and has also had deep interactions and exchanges concerning the issues of interest to the members in the annual meetings of the Executive Board of The Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies.'

Cai considered Xinhua's suggestions for the improvement of news organizations, including OANA, important and added Xinhua is very honored to work closely with other members within Asia-Pacific Cooperation.

This senior Chinese media official stated that through institutionalizing meetings and activities, the news agencies will be able to discuss the challenges faced by news agencies and the media in more detail.

Cai added this way using media in Asia and around the world, the member states can publish and share useful reports with a focus on ethics and impartiality, and will together help the media improve.

The president of the Xinhua News Agency went on saying the member states should not underestimate experience since experience is a powerful tool to improve cooperation between organizations and the news agencies.

Cai expressed satisfaction with holding the 43rd meeting of the Executive Board of The Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies on September 3rd by the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) in Tehran and said Xinhua will proudly participate in this meeting.

He expressed his contentment with IRNA hosting this meeting and said in the era of modern media development, Xinhua news agency is willing to cooperate and make joint efforts with this organization and its members to promote relations which will ultimately lead to the stability and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region.

The Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies was formed in 1961 on UNESCO's initiative to create balance in the one-way information flow in the Asia-Pacific region.

OANA member states own 56% of the world's gross domestic product, about 50% of the international trade, more than 60% of the water territory and over 25% of the total volume of aviation.

According to OANA, this organization accounts for two-thirds of the world news flows.

The 43rd meeting of the Executive Board of The Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies will be held on September 3, 2018 in Tehran, with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) hosting it.


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