Aug 8, 2018, 5:22 AM
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Iraq will never accompany US in anti-Iran sanctions: Al-Abadi

Baghdad, Aug 8, IRNA – Iraqi Prime Minister Heydar Al-Abadi said on Tuesday that his country will never accompany the US in sanctions against Iran.

He made the remarks in a weekly press conference as his country’s official stance on US sanctions against Iran.

“We as the Iraqi government are duty-bound to support our nation and country,” he said.

The Iraqi government is opposed to international sanctions and consider them oppressive, as they also have weakened the Iraqi nation and government, he said.

Meanwhile, Iraqi President Foud Masoum stressed that adhering to US sanctions against Iran will be difficult for his country.

Given the nature of its ties with Iran, Iraq’s compliance with the sanctions imposed by the US against Iran will be hard, he said.

“Iraq will not take side with any of the parties,” he said.

That’s for years that the US has been imposing sanctions against Iran and forcing the other countries to comply with the oppressive sanctions or else face severe consequences.

EU, Russia and China as well as other countries have voiced their clear opposition to the unilateral sanctions.
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