Iran starts enrichment of stable isotopes with Russia’s help

Tehran, May 22, IRNA - Head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) said on Tuesday that following the implementation of JCPOA, Iran started enrichment of stable isotopes with assistance from Russia while in pre-JCPOA era it could enrich uranium alone.

After a meeting with the members of Majlis Education, Research and Technology Commission, Ali Akbar Salehi told reporters that Iran’s nuclear industry goes ahead at a good pace with an aim of commercialization.

He hoped that there would not emerge a situation for Iran to return to pre-deal situation.

“We have readiness for returning to pre-JCPOA situation in various sections,” he said.

Elsewhere in his talks, he said that he showed up in Majlis to brief the MPs on nuclear situation during the pre- and post-Revolution eras.

Objectives of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) regarding construction of nuclear power plants, exploration and extraction and training manpower were also discussed during the commission’s session.

Before the implementation of JCPOA, Iran has had only one power plant whose construction has been started prior to the victory of the Islamic Revolution and it came on stream four or five years ago, he said, noting that this is while Iran has started building two other power plants.

“Following the implementation of JCPOA, we have been able to enrich stable isotopes with Russia’s help,” he said, noting that in the pre-deal era, Iran was only able to enrich uranium.

Another project launched following the implementation of the JCPOA was radiotherapy center which is to be established in Karaj, enjoying the most advanced modern technologies.
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