May 22, 2018, 2:28 AM
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Foreign Ministry slams Pompeo's anti-Iran statements

Tehran, May 22, IRNA - Iranian Foreign Ministry in a Monday's statement termed US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's cheap statements as a sign of the helplessness of American authorities in the face of Iran.

'By rejecting each and every accusations raised in the so called new strategy (of the US), Iran regards Mike Pompeo's rude remarks as blatant interference in its own internal affairs,' the statement said.

Reacting to the US secretary of state's meddlesome remarks, the statement said 'Pompeo's cheap, baseless, offensive and meddlesome statements and his baseless and false labels against the noble and civilized nation of Iran indicate the helplessness of American authorities in the face of the Iranian nation and their futile efforts to distract world public opinion from their illegal acts and breaches of that country's obligations under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and UN Security Council resolution.'

'Pompeo's remarks once again displayed information deficiency, lack of foresightedness... and confusion in the process of decision making in the United States and indicated that warmongering and extremist elements in that country either do not know history, or are unable to learn a lesson from it,' the foreign ministry said in its statement.

Despite opposition of almost all countries of the world except for few belittled regimes, the American regime has trampled upon all its political, legal and international obligations
and so it is not in a position to set conditions for such a great country as Iran that has abided by all its commitments, the statement said.

The US should know that the consequences of its breaches of law and obligations would not provide it with any right and its consequences rest with the leaders of that country and their corrupt and Mafia-linked internal and external supporters.

All calamities that have befallen the region raging from Iraq, Syria and Lebanon to Palestine, Yemen and Afghanistan are the results of the interventions of the United States and its allied Medieval Age dictatorial regimes and therefore it is not entitled to speak about Iran's policies towards its own region, the statement said.

It said supporting terrorism, particularly the state-terrorism is the inner feature of the United States, adding 'No doubt that terrorist groups such as Al-Qaida, Daesh... and other Takfiri terrorist groups who live on the money and capital of the US and support from certain inefficient regimes of the region will be defeated and the American administration and its allies will be disgraced.'
The godfathers of Al-Qaida, Daesh and hundreds of other terrorist groups which have endangered world peace and security are not a position to make Iran's stabilizing and anti-terror measures aimed at uprooting terrorism look vice versa or follow up their domineering delusions, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said.

Those staging coup de' tats against legal governments, plundering oppressed nations, massacring innocent women and children, breaching international pacts and resolutions, producing and using weapons of mass destruction and trampling upon the rights of minority groups and colored people in their own country are not entitled to threaten a nation that has proudly stood up against all these crimes, the statement said.

The Islamic Republic of Iran which came to existence from the Islamic Revolution of the Iranian people, during four decades of its life has withstood and overcome all sinister plots of the United States and will continue to do so vigorously in the future, it said.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry recommended the US leaders particularly its foreign secretary to learn a lessons from the policies that country adopted in that past towards the Iranian nation and stop their failed meddlesome policies aimed at dividing the people and popular Islamic Republic system in order not to be disgraced further before the world public opinion.

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