May 10, 2018, 4:00 PM
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Syria: Damascus seriously repels Zionist aggression

Damascus, May 10, IRNA – Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said on Thursday that Damascus is ready to seriously deal with the Zionist aggressions.

He made the remarks in an exclusive interview with IRNA on Thursday hours after exchange of fire between Syria and Zionists.

Damascus is in full combat readiness to give a crushing response to any military aggression by the Zionists, he said.

At dawn, the Zionist occupiers invaded Syrian soil, but they will be given a very crushing response in due course, he underlined.

The US defense secretary will be responsible for the Zionists' attacks as they have stationed them in the Middle East to promote insecurity in the region as well as the globe, he said.

Damascus is not to keep mum in response to Zionists attacks and is to respond with all force and capabilities as did the same in the early hours on Thursday morning, he said.

Syria is now thwarting plots masterminded by the Zionist regime for defending oppressed the Palestinian nation, he said.

Syria is determined to continue resistance against Zionists' aggressions which has increased their enmities, he said.

Most of the weapons in the hands of Syrian army against Zionists are home-made, he said.

Zionists' aggression to Syria is not new as the enmity of Zionists, westerners and the US with independent countries are quite normal, Mekdad said.

Saudi Arabia that claims to be a Muslim state, is a friend for Zionists' occupiers and their relations with Zionists are much better than their ties with other countries in the Persian Gulf region, he said.

The recent missile attacks by the US, France and Britain was in support of terrorists and Zionists in order to bring the Resistance and Syria to their knees, he said.

Iranian military advisors are a great help in fight against terrorists and that is why the US and its allies in the region and the world mainly the Zionist occupiers and Saudi Arabia are concerned and irritated, he said.

Some strong explosions rocked Syrian capital this morning.

Immediately after the attack, Syrian anti-aircraft batteries intercepted Zionists missiles.

Some hours ago, Zionists batteries bombarded east of Syria.

The Zionist army claimed that 20 missiles from Syrian oil have targeted Golan Heights in the occupied land.

The Russian defense ministry approved that half of the missiles fired by Zionist army were intercepted.


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