Iran strongly rejects claims of cooperation with Polisario Front

Tehran, May 2, IRNA – Iran Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi refuted allegations that Iran embassy in Algeria cooperated with Polisario Front.

Non-interferance in other countries' internal affairs is and will remain one of the most important principles of Iran foreign policy, Qasemi said.

He described Moroccan Foreign Minister’s anti-Iran claim as false.

As previously mentioned, Iranian officials had rejected the issue, Qasemi noted.

He also reiterated the fact that respecting sovereignty and security of other countries is among Iran foreign policy principles.

Meanwhile, Iran embassy in Algeria in a statement firmly rejected any relations with Polisario Front.
In its statement, Iranian diplomatic mission underlined its commitment to reinforcing ties between Iran and Algeria.

Morocco Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita under the pretext of giving aid to Hezbollah to support Polisario fighters announced that his country cuts ties with Iran.

According to some Arab media, Bourita also demanded that Iran chargé d'affaires Mohammad Taqi Moayed leave Morocco.

Morocco will soon close its diplomatic mission in Iran, Arab media quoted Bourita as saying.

Meanwhile, Lebanese Hezbollah in a statement refuted allegations made by Morocco that it supported Polisario fighters.

“The Moroccan Foreign ministry could have found more convincing pretext to cut its ties with Iran instead of fabricating baseless excuses,” Hezbollah added.

Polisario Front is a Sahrawi rebel national liberation movement aiming to end Moroccan presence in the Western Sahara. It is an observer member of the Socialist International.

The United Nations considers the Polisario Front to be the legitimate representative of the Sahrawi people and maintains that the Sahrawis have a right to self-determination.

The Polisario Front is outlawed in the parts of Western Sahara under Moroccan control, and it is illegal to raise its party flag (often called the Sahrawi flag) there.


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