Mar 28, 2018, 5:28 PM
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Iran, Energy hub for new Silk Road

Tehran, March 28, IRNA – Although new Silk Road Plan's priority is to promote trade, it may also influence the social, cultural and political fields and Iran as the sole country which owns huge energy resources is able to play role as a center to provide oil and gas for this plan.

The Silk Road was connecting route between East and West, from China to Greece and Rome in far past time, and its main usage was in the field of trade and economy.

Meanwhile, the route with a length of several thousand kilometers, politically and socially connected tens of countries, tribes and ethnics and had noticeable cultural impact, which its consequences are still evident after many centuries.

Since long time ago, governments in this route, especially China, emphasized on reviving the route considering needs of states and contemporary social and political conditions and actions were made to reconnect East to Europe, the same as traditional route.

The idea was proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping several years ago and it dubbed at first as; 'Reviving Silk Road in 21st Century' , but after several years of research and studies it was introduced officially to the world by Beijing as grand project dubbed as; 'One Belt- One Road'.

Many of economic analysts view China as moving engine of the world economy and it is predicted that it may turn to the first world economic in the next two decades.

Considering its rapid economic growth, China increasingly needs raw materials and this route may supply Beijing needs from littoral states of the belt, even Europe.

On the other hand, the route could be a market for Chinese merchandises.

The new China Silk Road is connecting around 65 world countries and more than one third of world population will be under its umbrella.

Beijing guaranteed to pay half of the expenses of the 100 billion dollars project, because they feel that might be able to create a guaranteed market for long term period by its investment.

Economy, driving force behind politics

According to its designers, the route may change trade structure, not only for Asia and countries in the route, but it may change method of exchanging in the world.

China, in this great idea plays central and main role and is the most important financial supporter of the project.

The route will be followed in two sectors of land and maritime.

At the first route, which started from China to the Green Continent, it passes countries like Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Belgium, France and Italy.

The sea route will passes countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Kenya, Turkey, Greece and Italy.

The two routes will be connected to China, Europe and Africa; transfer raw materials and manufactured goods to their destinations.

Establishment of economic closeness and connection between countries of the route may spread to the political arena as well and create deeper reciprocal dependence among the countries and take step towards creating peace.

The be optimistic, the idea may be compared to the European countries' plan after World War II. In 1950's, cooperation between three countries in the fields of steel and coal attracted several other states and created European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC).

Analysts believe this apparent small and limited cooperation, caused development of economic cooperation.

Consequences of this economic cooperation affected sensitive fields of security and politics, so after several years European Union to be formed by 27 members.

Iran; Energy hub of Silk Road

Iran has an important status in the path of this project. In fact Iran is the sole road and rail route, which connect directly China to Europe from its most far eastern border in Khorasan province to its most western part length more than 2,000 kilometers as well as its subordinate routes, which connect this belt to the Persian Gulf.

So, Iranian officials have declared that they will use their utmost for better and more complete execution of the project.

According to the maps, Iran is the sole country in the first designed route of the project that has easy access to energy resources and it seems it may play an important role in supplying oil and gas for China and other countries of the belt. Even a number of analysts name Iran as energy hub of the new Silk Road.


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