Jan 31, 2018, 1:35 PM
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CIA chief's anti-Iran remarks pretext to ignite war: US professor

New York, Jan 31, IRNA – The CIA Director Mike Pompeo's remarks about Iran's threat for the region are lies and pretexts to start a war, a professor at University of California at San Bernardino (CSUSB) told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

'The need to serve the interests of Israel's lobby in the United States, unfortunately, takes precedent over what seems to be logical alliances in creating security and fighting against terrorism in the Middle East', said David Yaghoubian in an exclusive interview with IRNA.

Yaghoubian said, 'Despite the fact that the primary fighters against ISIS (Daesh) are Hezbollah and Iran, no credit is given by the American government or its lap dog, American mainstream media, to Iran and Hezbollah.'

Talking about CIA chief's remark who had said that the US will not tolerated any threats aginst US interests, Yaghoubian said that the 'claimed interests' include borders stability, economic development, transfer of energy resources, promotion of democracy and freedom for the people of the Middle East and support of American allies, i.e. Saudi Arabia and Israel, 'but these are, in fact, not the actual goals'.

'The stated goals are completely different than the actual goals based on the historical track record. And those goals are generally in creating chaos, destruction, and maintaining several American wars on several different fronts which is also, unfortunately, a primary element of the American economy.'

He said that the historical records of American foreign policy in the Middle East of the last few decades show that the US goal is 'to support the Israeli and the Saudi allies to the extent that it can by creating, in the surrounding countries, as much destruction and chaos as possible to weaken them, so that they can't provide any sort of economic or, potentially, military challenge' to the Saudis or the Zionist regime.

Discussing the belligerent claims made by the CIA director regarding Iran shooting missiles at Saudi Arabia through proxy war in Yemen, Yaghoubian said, 'The United States and its Saudi allies have been pining for war with Iran for years or, arguably, for decades. And if we put that statement together with the statement of the Saudi Crown Prince [Mohammad bin Salmaan], saying that the war will be fought in Iran, the Saudis are looking for a pretext to start a war with Iran.'

He also said that the war would be fought by American forces not by the Saudi ones or their mercenary army. So this is purely a lie in the service of creating a conflict between Iran and the US by way of its ongoing issues with the Zionist regime and the Saudis.

Regarding the US public opinion about the issue, he said that the US public opinion is opposed to US's interventionism than ever, but it 'doesn't matter under the Trump's administration' whose poll numbers are the lowest of the American presidents in history; Trump only focuses on pleasing the Zionist lobbies and the Evangelical Christians of the US.

He added that the official statement of the Zionist regime that they prefer Daesh over the legitimate Syrian government, which serves the interests of an expansionist greater Israel and the Israeli occupation because a terrorist-torn Syria and Iraq 'do not pose any threat on Israel'. That would be in the global focus and the Israeli occupation would get off the spotlight.

Commenting on US's claim concerning Iran sending missiles to Yemen, the history professor at CSUSB said, 'The idea that this is reliable evidence without external independent confirmation is absurd.'

'This evidence was provided by Saudi Arabia to the United States; right there, it is questionable whether or not this evidence can be trusted for obvious reasons; this evidence could have been picked up on some battle field, it could have been collected and put together in some laboratory.'

He also said that if historical track record of the United States is examined, one can see that the US has lied repeatedly its way into almost any wars it engaged in, in modern history.

'It begs the question whether or not the American public will be fooled again by propaganda and lies in the service of creating yet another American war.'

He said that as a historian I can't forget the historical track record, especially in recent history. If we look at the case of Iraq, the motivation to rush to war 'was based on completely fabricated and trumped up evidence.'

He also compared US Permanent representative in the UN Nikki Hailey's attempts to bring the UNSC representatives to a dinner 'to be wined and dined' like those of former Secretary of State Colin Powel's 'dog and pony show' in the UN to attack Iraq.


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