Zionist regime permanently disturbing regional security

Tehran, Jan 23, IRNA – Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani underlined that the Zionist regime is a permanent source of disturbance for all countries in terms of national security.

'They try to harm the economy of countries as Iran's intelligence sources have found out,' Larijani said in an address to the 8th Seminar on Gaza, Symbol of Islamic Resistance.

He said 'the Zionist regime assassinated our nuclear scientists, who were each a pillar for the country; so, the notorious regime has been after assassination of personalities in the region and it makes presence in certain countries for mischievous measures'.

'Certain people ask in the media world and Arab countries why Iranian nation defends Palestinian people this way?'

'Arab media name Palestine issue as an Arabic topic and say it has nothing to do with Iran and certain political figures in the west say Israel is a reality and all should accept it.'

'Palestinians are an oppressed nation; they are Muslim and are afflicted with a hostile-natured regime, that has made them homeless and they are living in camps in Lebanon, Syria and other countries in poverty while they had land, property and job in the past, but now they have nothing and certain countries help Palestinian refugees not to return to their own country.'

Defending Palestine is an Islamic, human and moral duty, said Larijani.

'Anybody subject to injustice is not assisted by the one who can help him, he will be subject to tyranny himself as martyr (Morteza) Motahhari believed that if a person makes injustice to someone, it will be taken into consideration in this world.'


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