Jan 14, 2018, 8:30 PM
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Tehran prosecutor highlights role of US in recent Iran unrests

Tehran, Jan 14, IRNA - Tehran's Public and Revolution Courts prosecutor said that the US and the anti-revolutionary grouplets have provoked the recent riots in Iran.

440 rioters who have been arrested in recent Tehran unrests, have been released until now, Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi said on Sunday.

The official urged the judges to pursue the cases of other rioters and prepare the grounds for their immediate release.

Dolatabadi said that the cases of those deceived who have been arrested in the streets need to be promptly addressed so that they can be released as soon as possible.

He described the economic problems a major reason behind the start of peaceful protests in a few cities, but said that the US and the counter-revolutionary grouplets and elements were behind the wave of following unrests.

'The rioters used the cyber space to communicate with each other,' the official said while elaborating on the role of foreign social networks in provoking the riots.

He pointed to the role of disappointing news and blackwashsing in inciting the unrests and praised people's vigilance towards the events.

People separated themselves from the rioters, despite their protests against the economic problems, he said.

Also, Dolatabadi called for increase of supervising prisons and resolving the problems of prisoners.

US President Donald Trump, via several twitter messages, supported the recent unrest in Iran.

Iranians in a number of major cities started to protest against economic situation and shortcomings since December 28, 2017, but the protests turned into violence in some parts due to the provocations orchestrated from outside the country.


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