Jan 14, 2018, 12:01 PM
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Iran isolates US in nuclear deal: Senior diplomat

Tehran, Jan 14, IRNA – In the last year's diplomatic war Iran could unprecedentedly separate the US from its European allies and push the US to isolation, said Iranian deputy foreign minister.

'It has been over a year that [US President Donald] Trump has been trying to kill the JCPOA, [in full: the Joint Comprehensive Plan if Action,] or at least, to change and modify it,' said Abbas Araqchi, speaking on Saturday night in an analytic program on Channel One of the Iranian national TV.

In October 2017, Trump sent the JCPOA to the Congress, but the Congress returned it to the US president after two months of useless attempts to bring back the sanctions, said Iranian deputy foreign minister in international affairs.

Saying that Trump's Thursday night threat was not new, he added Trump has repeatedly said that the deal was the worst one in the history of the US and explicitly said that he was trying to end the deal.

He said the European Union and its members have had a clear stance toward the deal saying that the deal was an international one, and is not renegotiable, and should be kept.

After Trump's remarks in October 2017, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini reacted and said that if the deal is breached, no one will trust the World Powers any more.

In late winter 2015, 47 US senators wrote a letter to the authorities in Iran and said that Iran should not negotiate with the US because the next US president can cancel the deal with one move of pen. 'They were right; the US president has been trying to cancel the JCPOA from the first day he took office but has not succeeded,' he added.

Inasmuch as the Iran nuclear deal is a part of the Resolution 2231 of the UNSC, if they 'tear the deal', they have in fact torn the UNSC resolution and ruined the UNSC reputation, so no one will negotiate with them anymore, Araqchi added.

Referring to the recent session of the UNSC on Iran riots, he said that the meeting that was planned to be against Iran changed to a meeting to defend the JCPOA and Iran.

He also said that the trade between the US and the EU is more than $ 600b but the trade between the EU and Iran is hardly $ 20; EU's reason to defend the JCPOA is not economic, it is because the EU has been the coordinator of the deal and it's considered the EU's biggest achievement.

The Iranian deputy foreign minister said, 'We expect the Europeans to compensate for the deal's shortcoming (US defaults); they should neutralize the atmosphere the Americans have created about working with Iran.'

He also said that the Europeans have devised banking systems independent of the US to work with Iran; the devised paths are euro-based.

Araqchi said Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has written 11 letters to European foreign policy chief Mogherini to document and tell them about any move that the US has dove to violate the letter or the spirit of the deal, which has resulted in restraining Trump, separating Trump from the EU, and keepng the Europeans on the side of Iran and isolating the US.

Regarding the disagreements between Iran and the European, Araqchi said that before the JCPOA, Iran had disagreements with the EU over human rights, regional issues, Iranian weapons, and the nuclear issue.

'We dealt with the nuclear issue; but it doesn't mean that the other worries are removed as well. We are in serious disagreements with the Europeans over the regional and Iranian defense power issues,' he said.

'In the international relations, the alignment is done based on the counties national interests; we have so far succeeded in separating the US from the EU and the JCPOA from any other issue. The Europeans have repeatedly said that they are worried about the missile program and regional policies of Iran; but they are apart from the JCPOA.'

'We closely manage our ties with the EU and won't let the JCPOA get mixed with any other issue,' he added.

Touching the Iranian blocked money, he said that all the money blocked based on the pre-JCPOA sanctions have been released. 'As long as I know, there is no blocked money belonging to us anywhere, there isn’t any money that has not been returned, and now the money comes through the accounts of the Iranian Central Bank.'

Answering the question 'Can Trump cancel the Boeing sale permits?' Araqchi said, 'Yes, he can; but that would be overt violation of the deal.'

About the framework of the cooperation between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), he said, 'Neither has the IAEA ever demanded to inspect a military center, and nor will it be agreed with even if they request to do so. We are aware of the framework of the Additional Protocol and our JCPOA commitments and will cooperate in the same frameworks.'

He reiterated, 'We will neither allow the IAEA to do anything more than its duties in the inspections nor fail to do out commitments.'

There is a reasonable procedure between Iran and the IAEA. In the past two years, the IAEA has admitted Iran's compliance with the deal nine times, he added.

Araqchi also said that the JCPOA has no end; Iran's commitment not to approach the nuclear bomb is a permanent one, and according to the the fatwa issued by the Supreme leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei and Iran's defense doctrine, nuclear weapons are not a part of Iran's policy.


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