Pakistan greatly values ties with Iran: Pak fmr envoy

Islamabad, Jan 13, IRNA - Former Pakistani ambassador in Washington says Iran and Pakistan are two brotherly states and Pakistan highly values its friendship with Iran.

In an interview with IRNA, Ali Sarwar Naqvi, also Executive Director of the Center for International Strategic Studies (CISS) said Iran is the only country with which Pakistan does not have any fundamental dispute.

The analyst said a major step in Iran-Pakistan ties came when country’s Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa went to Iran and there, he met with all leaders of Iran to enhance cooperation with the Islamic republic.

“Border is accepted by both sides and bilateral relations are good, occasionally there are some minor problems on border which is due to local reasons and not because of political reasons,” he said.

He added recently Iran and Pakistan have consulted together on many issues and Iranian ambassador in Pakistan is doing very good work. “We value our friendship with Iran, Pakistan will always consider Iran as a close friend,” he said.

Ali Sarwar Naqvi regretted that unfortunately Muslim countries are not united and they are thinking in different lines.

The former ambassador said that some Muslim countries are supporting the Americans on many issues and they are following their national interests. “Pakistan is one of those few countries which are trying to persuade the Muslim countries to work together,” said the analyst.

He went on to say that the objective of Iran, Pakistan Turkey at recent summit in Turkey for Jerusalem, was to bring all the Muslim countries together on the same issue and think as united force.

To a question about Pakistan, US relations , he said there was no plan or strategy but the President of the United States suddenly gave a tweet and just an informal personal reaction in which he said that the US will cut all economic and security assistance to Pakistan.

“This is something that is surprising for the government of Pakistan because the government of Pakistan feels that the US has no justifiable reasons for taking this step,” he pointed out.

“We are doing a lot against terrorism and if they are cutting security assistance which was already in pipeline, Pakistan will look at all options and we have to take our own necessary steps,” he said.


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