Islamic unity effective measure to confront US plots: Iran

Islamabad, Jan 12, IRNA - The press attaché at the Iranian Embassy in Pakistan strongly believes unity and solidarity in the Islamic World are the effective measures to confront US conspiracies and interventions.

Speaking to daily The Nation, Abbas Badrifar said that the US is not ending its enmity and hostility towards countries of the region and Iran is not immune from that.

He said since Trump assumed power in the US, “we have witnessed unusual and abnormal steps by him, which surprised the world.”

Trump approach, he said, had been “an approach based on aggression, arrogance and bullying and it may be said explicitly that decisions and policies adopted by the American government after his presidency had been against the interests of the nations of the world in general and in contrast to the Islamic World in particular.”

He said that discriminatory unilateral actions of US such as withdrawal from Paris climate change agreement, the destructive environmental effects of which were threatening to the people of the world, Islamphobia, division in the Islamic World, interference in Islamic societies, confrontation with the Islamic countries, and agitation and instigation of them against each other are the clear examples of the aggressive approach of Trump's administration.

Badrifar said Trump, in the beginning of his presidential term imposed ban on the entry of the nationals of some Islamic countries in the US including Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Sudan, and showed his animosity towards the Islamic nations.

Heinous killing of oppressed Muslim nations including children and women in Yemen, Syria and Iraq enjoys clear and hidden support of the US, he added.

He said imprudent step of Trump regarding recognition of Al-Quds as capital of the Zionist regime, was another evident example of his anti-Islam behavior, which prompted reaction of the Islamic World and vast protests world over.

Badrifar also said the US in Trump era has increased its presence in Afghanistan under the pretext of the fight against terrorism.


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