Jan 11, 2018, 2:25 PM
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Malaysian scholar hails Iran as strong, influential country

Kuala Lumpur, Jan 11, IRNA – A famous Malaysian Muslim political scientist and social activist stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran is currently a strong influential and major player in the region.

“Iran’s strength in the region is partly because of foolish behavior of the United States and its allies,” said the President of International Movement for Just World (JUST), Dr. Chandra Muzaffar speaking at a forum on Understanding Jerusalem Contention.

The scholar explained that the United States wanted to overthrow Saddam Hussein, wishing for a government that is closer to them but Iran became the winner of US-Iraq war without firing a single shot.

“I guess that’s the difference between people who play baseball and those who play chess,” he added, praising Iran’s wisdom.

“Iran has been on the front line of struggle for free Palestine”, Chandra answered to a question on why Iran’s name is always brought up in the issues related to Palestine.

“Israel is afraid of countries that have 3 elements: first, a country with wealth that comes from having oil- but this itself is not enough- second, a country with success in science, and third, a country with a nation who are willing to pay a cost for their value”, Chandra named the Islamic Republic of Iran, a country with all these elements.

“Remember that Imam Khomeini marked the Palestinian issue, the issue of the whole Muslim world which can bring Shia and Sunnis together”, he said stating that the current Sunni-Shia conflict is a recent phenomenon.
Chandra, the President of JUST, continued, “There were times- such as when Shias and Sunnis cooperated in fighting British colonialism in Iraq”.

The Malaysian political scientists also criticized Saudi Arabia for following the United States policies and being on the side of the Zionist Regime.

He said what is called “reform” in Saudi Arabia is not really the decision of Saudi Arabia and it is due to following their “Kiblah” (direction of prayer) i.e. the US.

The forum on “Understanding Jerusalem Contention” was held in International Institute of Islamic Studies (IAIS) Malaysia where Muslim and Christian thinkers were giving a multi-dimensional perspective on the issue.

Former Palestinian Ambassador in Malaysia, Tan Sri Ahmad Al-Farra, was one of the speakers of the event.


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