Iran envoy stresses unity among Muslims to foil enemies' plots

Islamabad, Jan 11, IRNA - Ambassador of Iran to Pakistan has called for unity among Muslim nations to frustrate the plots made by enemies of Islam.

Mehdi Honardoost while giving an interview to Pakistani Waqt news channel said that disunity among Muslim countries is the only reason for the problems and challenges of the Muslim world.

“The unity is the most important and major solution to the problems in the glob of Islam,” he believed.

Regretting that Muslims are currently facing difficult situation, the ambassador said, “All of us must think about that why we are facing these problems and what is their origin, we believe that widening rift among the Muslim countries is the first issue that we are facing.”

Honarddoost added that Muslims should 'set aside the excuses and unite.'

“We have to think that why American president chose this time to recognize Jerusalem (Holy Quds) as the capital of the Zionist regime. I think it is because of the strained relations among the Muslim countries,” said the Iranian ambassador.

He went on to say many times Iranian authorities have announced their clear stance regarding challenges among the Muslim brothers that nobody is beneficent from this rift and from the very first day of tension in the region especially among the Muslim brothers Iran said that it is ready for rapprochement. 'We are ready to come on the table and talk on all of the matters among the brothers but some countries denied that.'

Honaroost added that Western countries are trying to flare up the tensions and animosity among the Muslim countries.

“Another thing today we are seeing is Iranophobia, it is a very important device that Americans use,” pointed out the Iranian envoy.

“But we have to think that why all these issues or conflicts are in Muslim countries. We believe that it is not being done automatically it is being done in a scenario so first we have to look that who is the beneficent and who is the looser,” he added.

The ambassador noted, 'unity is the desire of Iran and I am sure all of the Muslims countries.

“If Western countries set aside Iranophobia how they can sell a lot of military equipment to some countries, if they don’t add oil on the fire among Muslim countries how can they live in peace,” he viewed.

Honardoost added from the very first day of Iran's tension with Saudi Arabia, 'We have announced our readiness for negotiations.

“Iran and Saudi Arabia are two important countries of the Muslim world and can impact other countries of the Islamic world. If our brothers in Saudi Arabia except negotiations and stop fighting in Yemen, Iran will come for the talks immediately,” he said.

He added some countries in the world are part of the problem and they cannot be part of the solution.

“Why and under which justification some countries can unite and enter and attack other countries. Nobody can imagine the catastrophic situation in Yemen. It is a very small country with full of problems,” he said.

The ambassador added,
“People of Yemen right now are in dire need of food and aid. We reject the blockade of Yemen.”

The diplomat added people of Yemen do not deserve this kind of brutality.

'We believe that everything can come under diplomatic channel. OIC is a good forum for coming together, it is home of all of the Muslim countries.'

He said one regime in the world is trying to divert attention of the world public opinion toward other issues and nobody talks about the brutality on the poor people of Palestine.

“The illegitimate regime of Israel is a major problem for the Muslim world,” the envoy said.

He said Bait-ul-Muqaddas is dear to all Muslims and all of us are together on this cause. He said enemies have been defeated in their plot against Muslims.

“If all of potential of Muslim countries can come together they can become a big power,” he believed.

He said, 'We have strained relations with the US for last forty years and nobody is optimistic about the future ties between the two countries.

“The responsibility of our problems lies on our shoulders. We prepared the situation for them and we prepared better atmosphere for their interference. I hope that big countries of the Muslim world show responsibility. If we come together they have no vacant seat to come to our areas,” he added.

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