US attempts to compensate for regional failures through anti-Iran plots: Azeri thinker

Baku, Jan 6, IRNA – US is struggling to make up for its defeats in the region through hatching conspiracies against Iran, said Head of Azerbaijan Unity of Writers ‘Pen’ Qorban Jebraeil on Friday.

In an article published in Baku-based newspaper ‘Yeni Mosawat’, he added that those disrupting regional and international peace and stability are trying to take advantage of recent developments in Iran in line with their evil goals.

Perpetrators of instability in the region and world are the same politicians who supported unrest in Iran, as Turkish foreign minister named them correctly, Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu, he said.

Contending that Western imperialism could not bear Islamic Republic of Iran’s independent policies over the past 39 years, Jebraeil wrote that the US is seeking to control natural resources of the countries through colonialism to ensure its interests.

The US cannot tolerate Iran’s independent policies which are a role model for other countries to withstand the western imperialism and stage uprising to regain their resources and achieve freedom and their undisputable rights and considers them threat to its nasty interests, he said.

The article also referred to US destructive plans in the region and creating terrorist group of Daesh, saying that via these plans, Washington aimed to tighten the screws on Iran.

Pointing to West’s interference in Iran’s internal affairs in the course of recent developments in Iran, the Azeri writer said that US and Israel are not seeking public welfare and freedom; rather they are aligned to plunder Iranian resources and turn Iran into a country which listens to their demands. But it is very unlikely for them to reach their goals.


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