Jan 5, 2018, 10:24 AM
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US trying to protract riots in Iran: Academic

Tehran, Jan 5, IRNA – The US is trying to stretch out the unrests in Iran so that Washington can intensify the crisis using its forces and agents, an Iranian academic said on Friday.

'Trump administration's strategic policies on Iran are the same as those in Obama administration, which is to force Iran to change its policies,' said Mohammad Hossein Jamshidi, an International Relations professor at University of Tehran.

'The US policy in Obama administration was focused on Iran's nuclear program, and in Trump's era it revolves around Iran's regional policies,' he told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

'The Americans, in fact, are trying to weaken the elements of national strength of Iran, and it has been the behavior pattern of the US governments on Iran,' he said.

During the recent unrest in Iran, that began with criticism of economic hardships and evolved into violent riots due to foreign interventions, the US officials, including President Donald Trump, rushed to provoke the protesters by tweeting, commenting in media and asking for UN Security Council emergency meeting.

Iran in a letter to the United Nations' Secretary General Antonio Guterres and the chair-state of Security Council has protested to the US meddling in its internal affairs.

'If you follow Trump's tweets and his stance, you will see that his prime goal is that the unrest goes on in Iran,' the Iranian professor said.

'The Americans are trying to magnify Iran's events; that's why they reacted so fast, and even during Christmas holidays they kept tweeting,' Jamshidi said.


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