Jan 4, 2018, 3:08 PM
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Hezbollah leader: Resistance to surprise enemy in case of war

Tehran, Jan 4, IRNA – Lebanon's Hezbollah Secretary-General said that in case of a war with the Zionist regime of Israel, the enemy will be surprised by the power of the resistance forces.

Speaking to the Arabic-language television Al Mayadeen, Hassan Nasrallah said that “the element of surprise is what we resort to in any war with the enemy. The resistance is working day and night to get all kinds of arms that will allow it to rise victorious in any [future war].”

On speculations on any possible war in the region, he said that 'the aim of the war would be to hit the resistance in the areas where the resistance is present.'

'The axis of the resistance should prepare for this war and turn this threat to an opportunity.'

The Lebanese leader also condemned the US President Donald Trump on Quds, and said that the decision made a big hurdle to the peace process.

“Trump’s decision struck the peace process at its core and ended the peace process,' he said.

'The resistance is a solution that has achieved many victories. The peace process has repeatedly shown it will not bring any results,' Nasrallah said of the solution to the Palestine cause.

'The resistance in Lebanon is stronger than ever,' he said. 'The possibility of war is there, after Trump and Netanyahu’s decision.'

'The axis of the resistance is made of Iran, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, and also Yemen. If a big war happens in the region, everything is possible,' he said.

'Our reading of the Israeli enemy as a result of the experiences that the power of the enemy isn’t an individual one. This is an army that can be defeated. See who can defeat Daesh (ISIS) and Takfiri groups can defeat Israeli army.”

'One of the most important elements of strength is that there are tens of thousands of men who are ready to go to the battle without any calculation.”

As to the war in Syria, he said that a big victory is expecting the Resistance forces, as the war is in its final stages.

If it was not for the US support for Daesh, we could have defeated the terrorist group in a much shorter time, the Lebanese leader said.

On the future for President Bashar al-Assad in Syria, Nasrallah said that he will remain in office until the end of his term, and he will nominate for the next term.


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