Jan 3, 2018, 2:01 PM
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Senior MPs slam US meddling in Iran

Tehran, Jan 3, IRNA – Members of Majlis (Iranian Parliament) on Wedenesday condemned US officials' intervening remarks about recent protests in Iran.

'Interfering in the affairs of the other courtiers is against the international law; [US President Donald] Trump should know that we won't let him interfere in Iran,' said a member of Majlis presiding board Gholam-Reza Kateb.

'Iranians have always put their national solidarity and unity against the US and the enemies of the country on display.'

He said rejecting the US suggestion to hold an emergency meeting on Iran by the United Nations Security Councils was a disgrace for the US and proved that many countries that considered the US 'a big country' have changed their idea and that US president's decisions are not important for them anymore.

Also member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of Majlis Mohammad-Ebrahim Rezaee said, 'Iranians are against any unrest and defend the Islamic establishment with might, solidarity, and empathy.

'The Islamic Revolution defeated all the strategies and approaches of the superpowers, especially the US, in Western Asia,' Rezaee said.

He added, 'The policy of the US government is now in favor of Israel and disintegrating and weakening the regional countries, so as no country can resist against the Zionist regime and their excessive demand.'

He said one of the US' deceitful methods is to create division between Islamic countries to be able to put its hands on their oil and natural gas resources.

Two members of the Committee of National Security and Foreign Policy of Majlis also reacted to recent US stances.

Abolfazl Hassan-Beigi said, 'The US is in isolation now, which accounts for the US president's hasty decisions and moves and other countries' indifference.'

'Not only is Trump committing political suicide with his moves, but he will further push the US to isolation,' Hassan-Beigi added.

He said that no country support the US, and only the Saudis and the Zionist regime are standing by it; 'We now witness US and its regional mercenaries' pathetic condition.'

'Had the UNSC accepted United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley's request to hold an emergency session on Iran, based on the same logic, the UN had to hold meetings on the American people's discontent and suppression every day,' said Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh.

Falahatpisheh said, 'The US tried to impose its contradictory and interfering approach on other countries, but they didn’t brook it.'


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