Jan 2, 2018, 8:10 PM
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Trump’s admin. seems to disband US achievements

Tehran, Jan 2, IRNA – The US administration under President Trump seems to break up US great achievements, American journalist said in an article published in American Newspaper ‘Washington Post’.

“I would argue that the largest trend today is the decline of the American influence. Not the decline of American power — the country remains economically and militarily in a league of its own — but a decline of its desire and capacity to use that power to shape the world. The current administration seems intent on dismantling the United States’ great achievements,” Washington Post quoted Fareed Rafiq Zakaria as saying.

“This month, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel declared that “the most important changes affecting our Western world and, indeed, the world as a whole” stem from “the United States’ current withdrawal under Trump from its role as a reliable guarantor of the Western-influenced multilateralism.” That shift, he noted, “is accelerating the transformation of the global order. . . and the risk of trade wars, arms races and armed conflicts is increasing.”

“Consider also the speech in June by Canada’s foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland, in which she thanked the United States for its seven-decade-long stewardship of the international system and strongly implied that, under the Trump administration, American leadership of that system had reached its end.”

“Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jinping gave a speech to the 19th Communist Party Congress in October that reflected his recognition of these new realities. “China’s international standing has risen as never before,” he noted, and the nation is “blazing a new trail for other developing countries to achieve modernization'. Xi announced “a new era . . . that sees China moving closer to center stage and making greater contributions to mankind.” In previous speeches, he suggested boldly that
China would become the new guarantor of the global trading order,” Zakaria said.

“This, then, is the global story of our times. The creator, upholder and enforcer of the existing international system is withdrawing into self-centered isolation.”

“The other great supporter and advocate of the open, rule-based world, Europe, has not been able to act assertively on the world stage with any clear vision or purpose and remains obsessed with the fate of its own continental project.”

“Filling the power vacuum, a host of smaller, illiberal powers — Turkey, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia — are surging forward in their respective regions. But only China truly has the wherewithal and strategic prowess to potentially shape the next chapter of the story of our age.”

“A decade ago, I described a “post-American world,” brought on not by the decline of the United States, but by the “rise of the rest.” That world is indeed coming to fruition because other countries are prospering, but the changes are being dramatically accelerated by the Trump administration’s foolish and self-defeating decision to abdicate the United States’ global influence — something that has taken more than 70 years to build. As the president might tweet, “Sad!”


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