Jan 2, 2018, 8:17 AM
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Iran envoy urges Trump to focus on Americans’ problems

London, Jan 2, IRNA – Iran envoy to UK advised US President Donald Trump to focus on Americans’ problems rather than other nations'.

“More than 3 months after storm in Puerto Rico, half of the people still do not have access to electricity. Mr. Trump should be encouraged to work harder to solve the American people's problems rather than focusing on problems of other nations,” Hamid Baeedinejad said in a Twitter message released on Monday.

“Trump after his earlier insult in calling the Iranian nation as 'terrorist', has now called Iranians as 'hungry for food'. Very bad to remind him that 1 out of 8 meaning 42 million people including 13 million children and 5 million seniors are hungry in the US today,” he said referring to Trump’s anti-Iran remarks.

Trump has so far posted several tweets supporting recent protests in some Iranian cities.

This is while in spite of the fact that US is enjoying the biggest economy in the world, American people have been dealing with hunger for many years .

According to US Relief Organization ‘Feeding America’, 41 million Americans struggle with hunger; a number nearly equal to the 40.6 million officially living in poverty.

Based on annual income, 72% of the households the Feeding America network served in 2014 lived at or below the federal poverty level with a median annual household income of $9,175.


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