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India in 2017

New Delhi, Jan 1st, IRNA - Year 2107 saw many prime developments in the South Asian country of India which affected its image both in the region as well as the international arena.

The most important development for the world's largest democracy in the political sphere was the emergence and gaining strength of the notion of 'India-Pacific' which quickly replaced the long-standing and quite familiar term of 'Asia-Pacific'.

In the economic areas, too, India continued with the growing rate of economic growth which made it into one of world's largest economies.

Based on an article published in the 'yourstory.com', some of the most crucial happenings, decisions and discourses that took centre stage in the world’s largest democracy in 2017 are:

*Implementation of goods and services tax
The much contested Goods and Services Tax (GST) was rolled out on July 1, 2017, replacing multiple taxes levied by governments. With intense political debates and parliamentary deliberations threatening its implementation for months, the tax reform was finally set in motion to tackle issues such as price rise, tax avoidance, etc. The Scheme replaced over 15 different taxes and various cesses imposed by central and state governments.

*Election of new president
In an election held on July 17, 2017, India elected its 14th President. Seventy-one-year-old Ram Nath Kovind is a Dalit. His election was a rare achievement for a member of a community once known as “untouchables” and one of the most deprived groups in India.

* FIFA youth world cup in India
India hosted the 17th FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017 from 6-28 October. The matches of this biennial tournament which marked the first of any FIFA events held in India, were held in six cities.

* High number of railway accidents
2017 The Indian Railways is the country's largest public sector employer. 2017 will not be remembered as a good year for the sector as the whole year was marked by frequent railway.

* ISRO continued its high-profile projects
Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) achieved a historic feat of having launched a massive 104 satellites using its Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV).
On February 15, the Indian rocket successfully managed to launch Cartostat-2 (India’s earth observation satellite weighing 714 kgs) along with 103 other co-passenger satellites in a single go.

*Military conflicts and standoffs with Pakistan and China
In line with repeated border clashes, tension between world’s two most populous economies escalated over the disputed Doklam plateau in Western Bhutan. China’s road building efforts in the region has irked India.

* Farmer protests galore
Repeated droughts and failed monsoons leading to subsequent crop failures have rendered farmers across many Indian states helpless and suicidal. 2017 saw plentiful protests of many such distressed famers who walked the streets of Delhi seeking political intervention in the form of compensations and loan waivers.

* # MeToo campaign
This online campaign initiated by an American actress in early October saw thousands of Indian women speak up against sexual abuse.

* Rising pollution levels across Indian cities
With a toxic haze choking Delhiites this year as well, pollution across Indian cities rose to dangerous levels, with the National Capital Region (NCR) topping the chart of deadly pollutants present in the air. However, Delhi (deemed to be the most polluted city in the world), had a relatively cleaner Diwali this year, thanks to the apex court’s ban on the sale of firecrackers.


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