Dec 29, 2017, 2:40 PM
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Senior cleric blasts Saudi Arabia for tragedy in Yemen

Tehran, Dec 29, IRNA – Tehran's interim Firday prayer leader strongly criticized Saudi Arabia's attack on Yemen that has caused a disastrous situation in the poor Arab country, urging Riyadh to stop killing people.

Referring to the recent reports by the International Red Cross (IRC) on the tragic situation in Yemen, Mohammad Ali Movahedi Kermani said, 'You (the Saudis) who dub yourself the 'Khadim al-Haramein Sharifein' (custodian of two holy shrines) should be shameful and stop killing people.'

A military intervention in Yemen was launched in 2015 by Saudi Arabia, accompanied by a number of other Arab states. The bombings have claimed lives of thousands Yemeni civilians, including hundreds of children.

Human rights groups have frequently accused Saudi Arabia of violating basic rights of the people of Yemen, as the coalition has bombarded many civilian places, including schools and hospitals.

The Friday prayer leader also advised the US President Donald Trump to give up its dreams on Quds, adding that 'the previous officials of the US had spend 7 billion dollars in West Asia to give an undue blow to the humanity, Islam, Iran and those who are seeking freedom.'

However, they couldn't do what they aimed to, Movahedi Kermani said.

He described Trump as a 'foolish' person and said that he had better wake up and 'think twice on his decision on Quds; the holy city has an owner, who is the God.'

The controversial decision by Trump to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Quds was announced on December 6. It has prompted strong criticisms from all around the world.

A resolution in condemnation of the move was passed by 128 votes at the United Nations General Assembly.

The Palestinians see the holy city of Quds as the capital of their future country.


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