Dec 27, 2017, 6:43 PM
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Islamabad terrorism conference outcome of rising self-reliance

Tehran, Dec 27, IRNA – The first Speakers' Conference on 'terrorism challenges and inter-regional connectivity' held in Pakistan from December 23 to 25, once again demonstrated that regional nations are increasingly relying on their own resources to fight terrorism.

The three-day event in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, was participated by Parliament Speakers from six influential nations in the region, including Iran, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Russia and Turkey.

All these countries in a way are facing mounting terrorism challenges today. But now they are joining hands to address terrorism challenges in the region through introducing initiatives, fostering self-reliance and using regional leverages to combat the terrorism phenomenon.

Apparently, the Asian nations have come to realize that the most effective way to uproot the extremist Takfiri terrorist groups is promoting regional cooperation and joint efforts by all involved in the fight against terrorists.

Now, with Daesh (ISIS) as the most extremist version of terrorist groups in its doomsday in Syria and Iraq, a victory won through cooperation between Iran, Russia and Turkey as three major regional countries, the threat of terrorism still prevails and many observers believe that terrorists may find new safe havens in parts of Asia. They are of the view that the social, economic and political environment in some Asian countries is ripe for the new generation of terrorists to take root.

In fact the current regional conditions make it necessary for the countries in the region more than ever to foster cooperation among themselves and adopt joint sustainable approaches in their fight against terrorism.

Too, the regional nations should strengthen relations in all areas, including economy, politics and culture, to remove all terrorism-related grounds; poverty and political and social underdevelopment in some countries in the region are good grounds for promotion of terrorist groups.

The countries through cooperation and solidifying political, economic and cultural ties will be able to remove deprivations, leaving no room for extremist elements to win hearts and minds of the people, especially the underprivileged.

Conferences like the one held in Islamabad has a variety of functions. The most important function of such meetings is that the countries involved in fighting terrorism become aware of the fact that there is no need for them to further rely on the West and Western resources to achieve their anti-terrorism goals.

The most effective way to address terrorism challenges is that the roadmap for fighting challenges should solely be devised by the regional countries and not by external powers.

This is not going to happen, unless they develop a common understanding about terrorism threats and means to confront the phenomenon.

Translator: Reza bahar


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