Dec 26, 2017, 3:21 PM
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Peaceful coexistence: Iranian experience, perspective

Tehran, Dec 26, IRNA – Although Christians and followers of other religions are just small minorities in the Muslim-dominated Iran, their relations with each other and with their Muslim brothers and sisters have been a symbol of tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

The peaceful coexistence shows a historical cohesion and closeness between religions in Iran.

In their long history in Iran, Christians, alongside with all other Iranians, have always tried to elevate Iran.

Thus, in Iran, one can clearly see tolerance between religions, including Christians. Iran is one of the few multi-cultural countries, encircling different languages and ethnicities, but has very rarely experienced tensions between religions and cultures.

Undoubtedly, a big portion of the peace is due to Islamic ideology and Iranian culture's attempt toward peaceful coexistence during centuries.

Respecting religions and beliefs is one of the fundamental roots of Islamic-Iranian culture. In the past few decades, there have been attempts through propaganda around the world to picture a different image of that root.

The propaganda against Iran and the Islamic Revolution in the past four decades not only ignores historical facts about peaceful coexistence in Iran but also tries to depict it the other way round.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's Christmas message emphasized on peace, justice, equality, brotherhood and moderation and said, we should try 'to create a year replete with spirituality, dignity, welfare, and elimination of discrimination and violence for everybody around the world through collaboration and dialogue among religious experts and scholars and followers of religions', which roots in the same historical fact.

Four decades ago the Islamic Revolution took place in Iran, and after all the bitter and negative propaganda against the Islamic Establishment, Iran's policies and stances proved to the world that the propaganda was basically wrong.

Now, the beginning of the New Year provides another chance to remember Iranians' will for peaceful coexistence. This is one of the roots of our culture that guarantees a better future for our country.

As the millennia-old history of Iran shows, Iranians have always accepted and respected differences, and stressed stable peace.

This is the most important thing that can guarantee the future of the country in which enemies' actions have an important place too.

In other words, the only option we Iranians have is peaceful coexistence and stable peace that can help us to be victorious in decisive junctures.

Written by: Georgic Abramian, Iranian Armenian MP

Translated by: Hossein Abolqasemi


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