Cleric reiterates Christ’s message of peace and tolerance to world

New Delhi, Dec 25, IRNA – A Christian clergy in a church in New Delhi, India, reaffirmed the message of peace and tolerance Jesus Christ was appointed to promote in the world, and said people worldwide should abhor the spread of violence and hatred.

Daman Derrick Rodgers who is the presbyter of the church of North India Diocese of Delhi in the Indian capital made the remarks here Monday while talking to IRNA after a religious ceremony to glorify birth of Jesus Christ.

Congratulating people worldwide on the birth of the Holy Prophet, he highlighted the notion of spreading peace and love for fellow human beings as the central core of the Christianity, and said the religion certainly detested any efforts to spread hatred and violence among people.

Pointing to certain efforts by some countries and groups to spread violence and terror among nations, the priest said that the Indian Christians condemned all kinds of terrorism.

He said that true followers of the Jesus Christ wanted a world where people could live in peace.

The priest stressed that the message of Jesus Christ is peace, friendship, love and devotion.

Rodgers underscored that hatred should not be spread among people and everyone should work together to create a friendly atmosphere in the world.

'We condemn the actions of groups such as the ISIS terrorist group and all kinds of terrorism,' he reiterated.

Elaborating on the significance of Christmas, Rogers said : The Christmas message is the propagation of love in the world. God sent his son on earth this day to help sinful people. Christmas teaches us to be humble and to avoid violence against others.

He congratulated Iranian Christians on the holy occasion and while pointing to the possible visit of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to India in near future, said the visit will certainly cement the existing friendly ties between the two nations.

Pointing to the long-standing relations between Iran and India, he said Indians appreciated Iran’s strength.

Less than 3 percent of India’s 1,200 million population is Christian.

The history of their presence in the Indian subcontinent goes to early centuries after the birth of Jesus Christ.


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