Iran parliament speaker: Americans are playing with terrorism

Islamabad, Dec 25, IRNA - Iran Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani underlined that the Americans are playing with terrorism rather than fighting the menace.

“We are never after competition with any country, but Americans want to create problems for the Muslim world,” the Iranian parliament speaker said while responding to a question at his media briefing in Islamabad.

Ali Larijani visited Pakistan to attend six-nation Speakers Conference on terrorism, regional peace, development and connectivity.

'We have good discussions on Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project with the Prime Minister of Pakistani and baking authorities of the country, hopefully these issues will be resolved,' the Iranian parliament speaker said.

He said that the Speakers’ conference was a major step for the peace in the region. He revealed that next Speakers’ conference would be held in Tehran next year.

Responding to a question, Larijani said that Iran has brotherly and friendly ties with Pakistan and all other Muslim states. “We also attach value to our ties with Saudi Arabia but we believe that they are not following the right path, they are bombarding Yemen,” he added.

Larijani said that Iran entered Iraq to fight terrorism at the invitation of the Iraqi government.

“We helped Iraqi forces and achieved success against Daesh,” he said.

Larijani praised Ayatollah Sistani for mobilizing the Iraqi people against Daesh, adding that people of Iraq are now busy in reconstructing their country.

The Iranian Speaker said in Syria there was a plot to disrupt peace and stability of the country in favor of the Zionist Regime and the US. He said that Iran went to Syria at the invitation of the Syrian government and later Russia also joined them to fight terrorism in the country. “But the problem is that Americans have set up bases in Syria which help terrorists,” Larijani said.

He said that Iran is against all kinds of terrorism in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Syria. “We know Americans have created Daesh and they want to exhaust the energies of Muslim states,” the Iranian parliament speaker added.

Larijani to another question said Pakistani brothers have informed them that they are opposed to terrorist activities in Afghanistan and they are also taking strict measures to eradicate terrorists from Pakistan.

He noted that issue of Afghanistan is complex and needs some time to get resolved.

Larijani went on to say that when in 2001 the US attacked Afghanistan they claimed that they were taking the measure to root out terrorism and drug trafficking from the country, but despite their claims the reality is that the poppy production has increased to 45 percent in Afghanistan during past 16 years and terrorism is also spreading.

“Americans are playing with terrorism rather than fighting terrorism,” the Speaker pointed out.

The official responding to a question said that Pakistan is friend of Iran and Iran will never allow any country to use its spoil against Pakistan.

He said that this is matter of surprise for Iranians that such issues are emerging in media of Pakistan.

Larijani said that nowadays satellite technologies are very advanced and no spy can carry out these activities against any other country very easily. He said that who can assure Iran that CIA agents are not operating in Pakistan.

The parliament speaker said that Iran never liked any Islamic country to have relations with the Zionist Regime because this would bring great disadvantage to the Muslim Ummah. He said that Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Juberi himself said they are seeking normalization of ties with the Zionist Regime and this will influence the credibility of Saudi Arabia.

“They are motivated by the US and Zionist Regime,” he added. Larijani viewed that Americans are creating differences among Muslim countries because they want to sell their weapons to the Muslims countries by creating phobias.

He said that Americans are definitely trying to create a divide among Muslim states. Larijani said that the US President Donald Trump has been defeated on Al-Quds issue, adding that the decision of the US to move its embassy to Al-Quds was ill-intended which united all Muslims. The Iranian parliament speaker said that even non-Muslim states denounced the move by voting against it in the UN General Assembly.

“Trump made a big blunder on Al-Quds and failed,” he viewed.

The Iranian Speaker said that Americans are showing some peace of iron and leveling baseless allegations against Iran. He said Iran has never provided missiles to Yemenis; in fact the US is doing all this to divert the attention of the international community from Al-Quds issue.

Larijani said that Yemen has force and can make its own missiles.

He added that it is good time for the countries of the region to discuss terrorism and economic ties. “With cooperation they can succeed in eradicating the plague of terrorism,” the speaker said.

Expressing his views, Larijani said that Iran and Pakistan are cooperating in all areas, including enhancing cooperation between Chabahar and Gwadar ports.

He said there is a proposal to declare Chabahar and Gwadar as sister ports and for this 'we need to enhance connectivity between the two ports which would help to the development of Iran and Pakistan'.

To a question, Larijani said that Iran attaches importance to its relations with Pakistan and the relations between the two have always remained good. He said that the visit by Pakistani Army Chief to Iran was very good and helped enhance cooperation between the two friendly neighbors in all areas.

The Iranian parliament speaker said that having strong relations with India does not mean that Iran does not want good ties with Pakistan and Pakistan’s ties with the US does not mean they don’t want to have good ties with Iran.


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