US center, symbol of wickedness in region: Larijani

Islamabad, Dec 24, IRNA -- Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani criticized the US for its double-standard policies, adding that today the US has become center and symbol of wickedness in the region.

He made the remarks during a special session of first six-nation Speakers' Conference in Islamabad.

Larijani said that terrorism spread all over the region; from Afghanistan to Syria and Iraq, over the past 30 years, adding that the curse of terrorism has spread in Central Asia and North Africa.

He further said that under the leadership of the United States in 2001, an alliance against terrorism was formed, but today the menace of terrorism has increased in the region despite such move.

Larijani said that over past two decades two types of alliances were formed; one under the US leadership and another alliance was formed by Iran, Russia and Turkey.

He said that the main aim of the US alliance was to eradicate terrorism from Afghanistan, apart from dealing with drug trafficking, but it miserably failed.

Larijani said that the second alliance of Iran, Russia and Turkey had successfully dealt with the challenge of Daesh.

While referring to the recent statements of US President Donald Trump, he said that how can those who created Daesh claim victory against the terrorist group.

Iranian Speaker said that Russia and China are two important countries for the regional security, adding that the American baseless allegations against Iran, is a major threat to the region.

Explaining the effective measures of the Islamic Republic of Iran against terrorism, he said that 'we have fought against terrorists, but Americans created Daesh'.

Larijani dismissed the fresh allegations by the US that an Iranian missile was used by Yemen to target Saudi soil. He said that US would fail to change the global focus from the cause of Palestine.


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