Chinese scholar seeks Iran’s participation in CPEC

Islamabad, Dec 23, IRNA - A senior Chinese analyst says that participation of energy rich Iran in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would help make the project more beneficial for the region.

In an interview with IRNA, Dr. Wang Yiwei, Director, Institute of International Affairs, Renmin University, Beijing, said, 'Iran is an energy rich country, so we are seeking assistance of Iran in the CPEC.'

He said that ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative highlights principle of connectivity both continental and maritime.

“Today, 90 percent of the trade is from sea and the land locked countries need sea ports, so to solve this problem we need different connections,” he said.

He noted Chabahar and Gwadar Ports can play a vital role in this regard and both can cooperate with each other for long term regional cooperation.

The analyst, expressing his views, said people mention of the competition between Chabahar and Gwadar ports because of their locations and that one is being developed by China while other is assisted by India; in short term maybe there is a competition but in long term their cooperation would benefit the whole region.

“We must not focus on competition, we seek win win situation,” he said.

Wang Yiwei added regional cooperation is necessary to enhance people to people contact and energy connections.

“Under the CPEC, we have many projects which are going on and more projects that would help make the CPEC more beneficial,” he said.


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