Iran's envoy: Trump's decision on Quds indicates US anti-Islam policies

Baku, Dec 21, IRNA - Head of Presidential Office and Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi said on Thursday that the decision made by US President Donald Trump explicitly indicates the country's anti-Islam policies

Speaking in the closing ceremony of the conference themed '2017- Year of Islamic Solidarity: Interfaith Dialogue', he said the decision made by President Trump recognizing the Holy Quds as the capital of the Zionist regime and relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to the holy city and the US veto in recent UNSC meeting explicitly indicates the US anti-Islam and anti-Palestine policies.

It has been cleared to all that the US seeks to sow the seeds of discord among Islamic countries to meet the interests of illegitimate Zionist regime, he said.
Fortunately, the OIC extraordinary summit last week in Istanbul indicated the outspoken and decisive stands of the Islamic countries in condemnation of the US and their support to the cause of Palestine which will be very promising for the oppressed people in Palestine, Vaezi said.

The US and the Zionists try to put the issue of the Palestine off the agenda in world Muslims, he said.

'We should not let such conspiracies bear fruit and we are duty-bound to fully back the Palestinians until formation of their independent state in Palestine with holy Qods as its capital,' he said.

If the Islamic countries become united and promote brotherhood among themselves, we will never witness such bullying and occupation of the Islamic countries resulting to displacement of Muslims in the world, he said.

A number of officials, scientific and religious figures from 40 countries attended the '2017- Year of Islamic Solidarity: Interfaith Dialogue' conference in Baku on Thursday.


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