Saudis relying on Zionist connections to address failures: Lebanese analyst

Beirut, Dec 20, IRNA – The reason underlying Saudi Arabia's efforts to approach the Zionist regime of Israel is that Riyadh is trying to compensate for its failures in face of the Axis of Resistance, a Lebanese analyst said on Wednesday.

Ali Murad told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) that Saudi Arabia will try to come to terms with the policies of the Israeli regime in the occupied holy city of Quds in a bid to find a partner which it expects to help Riyadh compensate for its failures facing the Axis of Resistance.

'They have counted on the policy, and they will continue to pursue it even after coronation of Saudi crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman,' Murad said.

'Some people relate the present bafflement in the Saudi policies to the tendency of the crown prince to seize the throne, but I do not agree with them, he said.

What is concerning Saudi Arabia most is the victories won by the Axis of Resistance,' he added.

The Lebanese Middle East analyst also said that partnership with Israel will not alienate Saudi Arabia from the US, nor will it affect its new policies in the region.

Even cooperation with the Zionist regime will not lead to peace and détente in the region, Murad said.


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