Regional unity only solution to overcome problems: Iran envoy

Islamabad, Dec 19, IRNA - Iranian Ambassador to Pakistan strongly believes that cooperation among regional states is the only solution to overcome regional problems.

Mehdi Honardoost made the remarks while speaking at a daylong conference tilted ‘Pakistan-China-Iran: A trident of regional connectivity’ at the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI).

“We believe in regional cooperation which is the only solution for regional issues as regional diseases need regional treatment,” he said.

He said Iran, China and Pakistan enjoy cordial relations; fortunately there is no dispute, no conflict among the three countries.

“We don’t look at China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as a trade and business project we believe that Iranians with the unique potentialities in energy area can boost the project.'

He said nobody can ignore that Iran has great sources of energy and we all know that Pakistan and China need energy.

“We should create more convergence and set-aside any divergence so that we can announce to the world that we are together for the better lives of our people,” he suggested.

Expressing his views, the ambassador said that the Iranian side has always tried the best for more cooperation between Chabahar and Gwadar ports.

“Iranians are also exporting 100 MW of electricity to Gawdar and we have also told about our readiness to increase the electricity export to 1000 MW then to 3000 MW, which means that Iranians are looking for more cooperation with Pakistan through this harbor,” he said.

Ambassador Honardoost said over last two years during my stay as ambassador in Pakistan we have been able to put an end to the psychological warfare in our lovely people of Pakistan and assured them that Iran will never give the opportunity for misusing its territory to anybody against dear Pakistanis.

“Many times Iranian authorities have repeated this and emphasized upon this, Alhamdulillah we have been able to put an end to this misunderstanding among our brothers,” he added.

The Iranian diplomat said something which is more important is the sisterhood relations between Chabahar and Gwadar.

“Another aspect of cooperation between the two harbors is the shipping line and fortunately we have achieved very progress in this field,” he said.

Iranian envoy said: both sides in recent times have tried to explore all areas of cooperation. “Let us work together more than the past faster than the past because we have lost enough,” he pointed out.

He said that lack of information among the Pakistanis about Iran is a major problem; ‘sometimes I am surprised that our friends here have no understanding about the potentiality of Iran.’

The envoy said: 'We believe that we have suffered a lot of pain and paid heavy price because of the presence of the big powers in the region.'

Ambassador Honardoost added Iran, China and Pakistan are facing the common threat of terrorism.

He said that big powers have tried to divide terrorism into good terrorism and bad terrorism, but we believe that terrorism is the terrorism it cannot be divided into good or bad.

“It is the American approach towards terrorism; we believe that Iran and Pakistan are two major victims of terrorism so they can cooperate in thisarea,” said the diplomat.

He noted the drug smuggling is also another common issue that Iran, Pakistan and China are facing. The diplomat noted that Iran and Pakistan are two young nations as 65 percent of population of the two countries is under 35 years so they are more exposed to this threat.

“After the presence of Americans in Afghanistan things have become worse than the Taliban regime,' he pointed out.


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