PUIC meeting condemns Trump decision as blatant violation of Palestinians' rights

Tehran, Dec 18, IRNA – Extraordinary meeting of the PUIC Committee on Palestine issued a final statement on Monday saying Trump's decision was a blatant violation of Palestinian people's rights.

In its final statement, the committee meeting, which convened in the Iranian capital, urged the necessity of speeding up the implementation of the national reconciliation treaty among Palestinians.

Underlining that the holy Quds is the eternal capital of Palestine for the Islamic Ummah, the statement said that based on the provisions of the 1980 Resolution 478 of the UN Security Council, all the efforts by the Zionist regime to change the legal and historical conditions of the holy Quds and other holy Islamic and Christian sites and to change the demography of the city are totally void.

The statement also calls for fulfillment of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people who want the return of all the refugees, freedom from the Zionist occupation and setting up an independent Palestinian state with the holy Quds as its capital.

Dismissing the US president's decision to relocate US embassy from Tel Aviv to the holy Quds, the statement said that the decision will further escalate the regional tensions.

The participants in the Committee meeting also called on all Muslim countries to do their best to support the Palestinian Intifada (resistance) against the occupation of the Zionist regime.

Noting that resistance in all its forms is the legitimate right of the Palestinian nation, the statement underlines the necessity of activating all the funds established to support Quds cause.

Calling on all the countries that have not recognized the Palestinian government yet to fulfill their historical responsibility before the Palestinian nation, the statement urged the UN Security Council to pave the way for the full membership of Palestine in the United Nations.


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