Dec 18, 2017, 1:19 PM
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Iran FM hails nation's regional, global ties

Tehran, Dec 18, IRNA – Iran is an active and influential country both in the region and across the world and is considered to be an important actor on the international relations scene, said the Iranian foreign minister on Monday.

'The common history of Iran and its neighbors reveals that our country over the past centuries has been influential in shaping the regional and global developments,' Mohammad Javad Zarif said, addressing the first conference on the History of Iran International Relations in Tehran.

The Iranian top diplomat went on to praise Iranians as the people living in a country with an ancient civilization and long history who from the very early days have been eager to establish relations with other nations. 'As a nation we have been tempered in the furnace of history.'

Located at the historical crossroad of old times, Iran used to provide a safe passage for caravans, facilitating their exchanges of goods, ideas and cultures, while affecting the whole process, the Iranian foreign minister said.

Zarif also urged a closer look at the Iranian history, its cultural exchanges with the countries around it and Iran's engagements with its neighbors.

'This could provide us with a strong basis for promoting today's relations,' he said.


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