Dec 16, 2017, 6:56 PM
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Anti-Iran coalition disturbed dream

Tehran, Dec 16, IRNA – When Nikki Hailey became the US Ambassador to the United Nations, she drew her dagger on Iran and since has spared no efforts to show her animosity towards Iran.

Hailey's most recent show was put on the stage at a military base in Washington DC recently.

Although everybody expects to see her to act as an expert on international politics, she went on to brief her audience on the missile deployed by the Yemeni Ansarullah fighters [against Riyadh] elaborating on every single detail like an old-hand military expert. She tried to draw a parallel between the Yemeni missile and the short-range ballistic missile designed and built by Iran, named Qiam-1 (Uprising).

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif compared the show held by the US ambassador to the UN to that of Colin Powel, then US Secretary of State, 14 years ago who accused Iraq of being in possession of weapons of mass destruction, especially chemical armaments.

Fortunately, for the past two months the European countries, like Germany, and the Americans who oppose US President Donald Trump's policies have been warning against attempts by his administration to use Yemen as a last resort pretext to counter Iran.

In other words, what Hailey did in Washington is already threadbare and naked attempt. The same sources have argued that Trump's extremist team is trying, if possible, to make Iran accept US conditions regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, also known as the Iran nuclear deal, and, if not possible, pave the ground for a confrontation with Iran.

However, to understand the scenario of the Anti-Iran Coalition, one should pay careful attention to the Middle East's big game. Three players have gathered together to put on a multipurpose show in the region. They want to, firstly, restore their tarnished reputation in the Middle East and, secondly, to secure the interests of the three defeated players.

The first actor is Trump, who has failed in his domestic and foreign policies neither welcomed inside the US nor worldwide. To compensate for the loss, he is desperately in need of making a great achievement.

The second player is the Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is highly opposed inside the Occupied Territories due to his ultra-right policies; he has also been accused of financial corruption. Therefore, he, too, needs a big achievement to win the hearts of the discontented Israelis.

The third player, a source of regret for the Islamic World, is the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman who has to accede to terms dictated by the US and Israel to get rid of the charges of state terrorism and Saudi Arabia's involvement in the 9/11 terrorist incident in the US soil, and to seize the throne in the face of multitude of Saudi prince contenders.

The game disclosed so far bears some features, some of which are listed as follows:

- The holy occupied city of Quds in the Occupied Palestinian Territories should be declared as the Israeli capital during Trump's tenure in the office, so that even if the future US presidents don’t follow the policy, the historical precedent is going to prevail.

- Zionist lobby in the US should filibuster any impeachment attempts in the Congress against Trump.

- At the same time, the US, Zionist regime, and Saudi Arabia should prevent Iran from adopting a role or using its leverage in the region, so they think they should start standing against Iran from one of Iran's spheres of influence, i.e. Yemen, and then to go on to Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, etc.

Thus, they have launched a media campaign against Iran by using the issue of Yemen's deployment of missiles against Riyadh to prepare the world public opinion for future attempts, namely, the JCPOA annulment and threatening Iran with new sanctions, military attacks or putting it under pressure to accept US conditions.

The fact that big powers like the European Union, Russia, and China are all familiar with this game is one thing, and how much their national interests necessitates them to stand against the US and its allies is another.

In case Hailey's move goes on successfully and she can capitalize on other sources and elements to promote her multi-dimensional project, the JCPOA is expected to be called null and void either by intentional or in practice to let return of the US sanctions against Iran and providing Trump with a chance to boast living up to a campaign promise.

But if the recognition of the holy Quds as the capital of the Zionist regime faces serious oppositions in the Muslim World and across the globe, they will enter clashes with Iran to divert the global public attention from the Quds issue.

On the other hand, Israel is expected to try to give the role played by Iran in the region to Saudi Arabia. This way they will bring to an end the war in Yemen in line with the Saudi interests while bin Salman will seize the power to become the king.

More, bin Salman will openly engage with Tel Aviv to establish ties with the Zionist regime, something that in turn pave the way for other Arab states to normalize relations with Israel. This way, the riddle of Israel will be solved after 100 years to secure the interests of the Zionists.

The above-mentioned are dreams the three defeated players are following to realize. They hopeful by joining hands under the single banner of the Anti-Iran Coalition they will be able to achieve their ends.

But it remains with Iran, by exercising prudence, maturity and international vision, to disrupt their dreams.

By: Ali Khorram
Translator: Hossein Abolghasemi
Editor: Reza Bahar

The article originally appeared in the Persian daily Iran.


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