Saudi rulers support Trump’s anti-Palestine decision to please US: Malaysian activist

Kuala Lampur, Dec 16, IRNA - It is quite possible that US President Donald Trump’s action is supported by some Arab countries including the Saudi Arabia that supports Israel. Of course they will not come up openly to support this decision to please the United States, said a Malaysian pro-justice activist.

'We know that there have been ties between Israel and the Saudi Arabia, but they won’t say anything openly,' Chandra Muzaffar, the president of the International Movement for a Just World (JUST), a non-governmental organization (NGO), told IRNA.

'The impact of Trump’s decision is the strong reaction as we are seeing among Muslims and non-Muslim countries such as Russia, China and some European across the globe.'

He said there is widespread condemnation of what Trump has done, because it goes against international laws to recognize Jerusalem which is an occupied territory and no one can make it the capital of Israel.

'Trump cannot recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel if his aim is to make Israel a dominant Jewish state. If we look at Jerusalem's history for thousands of years, it has a mixed history that different Egyptian, Syrian and Persians nations were one time or other part of the history of the city,' he added.

'In terms of religion, it’s not just Judaism. Of course Judaism and Christianity are part of history of Jerusalem and as we know Islam has much about history of Jerusalem.'

According to Muzzfar, from 637 up to 1917, except for short time period of Crusaders who occupied Jerusalem which didn’t come to hundred years, it was under the Muslim rule, something that cannot be ignored so that somebody can suddenly say that Jerusalem is the capital of a Jewish state. 'Therefore, announcing it as a capital of a Jewish state is not right.'

The president of the International Movement for a Just World (JUST) also stressed that Saudi Arabia has close military ties with the US and purchases billion dollars of arms.

'If America continues the same behavior, some Arab countries such as Bahrain, Qatar and even Turkey who got military ties with the US must cut off their ties and give Americans sometime to leave their military bases.'

Muzzaar also said that America and its allies are trying to change the characteristics of Jerusalem and added, 'if Trump continues to be arrogant these countries need to consider their long-term military ties with the US.'