Iran envoy calls for unity among Muslims for Al-Quds liberation

Islamabad, Dec 15, IRNA - Ambassador of Iran in Pakistan has stressed upon the need for forging unity in the Islamic World for the liberation of Holy Al-Quds and overcoming the problems faced by the Muslims around the globe.

Mehdi Honardoost made the remarks while speaking at a conference in Islamabad to show solidarity on the issue of Palestine and the protection of Al-Quds.

“Today we have come here to show Americans that we are alive in the support of Palestine,” said the ambassador and thanked the organizers for holding the conference and giving an opportunity to show unity of Muslims against their common enemies.

He said that now days there are some misunderstandings and conflicts among Muslim brothers but it has nothing to do with their common enemy. “Today all of us are joining hands and showing to our enemies that Palestine belongs to us and we belong to Palestine and we are one.'

'Our Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) had said that all of the Muslims should come together,' he added.

Honardoost also said that it is the order of Allah Almighty that we should be united and all of us will answer Allah Almighty one day that what we did during our lives.

“According to the principles of the Prophet of Islam, if your brother is in a bad condition you are not Muslim so in all branches of Islam, any Shia, Sunnis or others all of us should know that we are on the same boat.'

The diplomat said 'One day we will witness more friendship and brotherhood among all of the Muslim countries.' “All of us should think about it that why Americans at this time have announced this heinous decision and support to Zionist regime and one of the reason is the disparity and widening the rift among the Muslim brothers.'

'If all of us desire support of Palestine we should come together, we should set aside animosity, we should set aside any disparity and we should come together,' he added.

“If we are together be sure about it that Inshallah we will overcome to problems of Islamic world. Allah Almighty has promised that the victory belongs to us if we come together. All of us look towards Al-Quds as part of our hearts, as part of our faith,” said Iran's top diplomat in Pakistan.


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