Iran keen to promote, strengthen cultural ties with Pakistan: Iran envoy

Islamabad, Dec 12, IRNA - Ambassador of Iran to Pakistan Mehdi Honordoost says his country is keen to promote and strengthen cultural ties with Pakistan which would also help in bringing the people of the two countries more close to each other.

He was addressing the inaugural ceremony of the five-day Iranian film festival in Islamabad jointly organized by the Pakistan Council of the Arts and the Cultural Wing of the Iranian Embassy.

He said the Iranian film festival would promote understanding of the Iranian culture in Pakistan. “Cultural exchange is the best language among the nations of the world,” he said.

The diplomat expressing his views said, 'After the Islamic Revolution in Iran, we tried to make new movies according to the Islamic and eastern values because our enemies attacked the base of our society, our families and youngsters.'

“The new generation and our children are the custodians of our heritage and one day we will handover country to them so it is very important that we try to take care of them not only physically but also their minds and thoughts,” he noted.

“Our enemies tried to attack Iman (faith), thoughts and hearts of our young, so it is the duty of all eastern countries especially the Islamic world to be vigilant about this conspiracy,” said the ambassador.

He said that unfortunately nowdays the international market is full of nonsense and immoral movies.

“The family is the base of our societies, so we should look to our values and exchange the cultural material like movies between Iran and Pakistan,” he said.

Mehdi Honordoost added that according to the cultural commonalities between Iran and Pakistan, we should have more and more opportunities for offering more TV serials and movies for Pakistani public.

“Our movies preserve the values and pay importance to build the characters of the young generation,” he said.

The ambassador said Iranian movies receive a lot of international awards and it shows the capabilities of the Iranian movies. “Cooperation between Iran and Pakistan in filmmaking is important,” he noted.

Cultural attache at the Iranian Embassy Shahaboddin Daraei said cinema in Iran has always been evolving along with social changes. He said Iran cinema can be divided into two parts pre-revolution cinema and post-revolution cinema.

“After the Islamic Revolution, we produced films according to the values of Islam, founder of Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini had said that we don’t oppose cinema but we oppose vulgarity,” he said.

He said cinema after the Revolution provided a clean atmosphere for those film makers who had been isolated before. “The atmosphere created after the Islamic Revolution also provided healthy atmosphere to the female directors,” he said.

“Iranian films have been able to portray the presence of women in various aspects without objectifying them,” he said.

During the festival five famous Iranian movies, ‘So Far So Close’, ‘Bodyguard’, ‘A Cube of Sugar’, ‘Crazy Castle’ and ‘Where are my shoes?’ are to be shown.


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