President Rouhani invites world Muslims to stand against US-Zionist plot

Tehran, Dec 11, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani on Monday invited all political wings in Palestine and Muslim world to forge unity to seriously deal with the US-Zionist plot. President Rouhani made the remarks with the Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh over phone on Monday.

The new Intifada will be continued until fulfillment of the legal rights of Palestinian nation, he said.

The blasphemous move by the US president about Holy Qods is regarded as an ominous plot masterminded against Palestine and Muslim world, President Rouhani said while inviting all world Muslims to forge unity and unanimously to deal with the plot.

There is no doubt that the oppressed Palestinian nation and the Islamic Ummah by resorting to unity will resist against the US-Zionist ploy, he said.

The Islamic Republic of Iran strongly condemns the move, he said, adding that the wrong move truly revealed the real identity of the US and the Zionist regime more than ever at world public opinion and indicated that they under no circumstances are to recognize the legitimate right of the Palestinian nation.

Under such circumstances and on the first move, all Palestinian political wings should exercise vigilance and give a crushing response to the Zionist regime and the US and on the next move the Muslim world should be unified in dealing with the plot, President Rouhani said.

Islamic governments who will attend the OIC meeting in Turkey on Wednesday will voice their protests to world public opinion, he said.

Iran is proud of supporting the Palestinian nation for their devotion, Jihad and resistance against Zionists and we are quite confident that the new Intifada will find its way, President Rouhani said.

Hamas Politburu Chief Ismail Haniyeh, for his part, said the Islamic Republic of Iran is a powerful pillar in backing Palestine cause.

The new decision made by the US president about holy Qods is regarded as a blatant violation of the legitimate rights of the Islamic Ummah and underlined that Palestine will continue its resistance and under no circumstance let the Zionist regime and the US attain their heinous goals as the holy Qods belongs to Palestine and world Muslim, Haniyeh said.

Four people have attained martyrdom and some 1500 others have been injured in the new round of Intifada and we all are determined to bring the US-Zionists plot to failure, he said.

Haniyeh also called all Islamic governments at OIC summit in Turkey to make decisive decision in supporting Palestinian people as well as the holy Qods.


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