Dec 11, 2017, 12:17 PM
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Germany intent to part ways with US

Tehran, Dec 11, IRNA - US President Donald Trump’s irresponsible policies and his threatening tone have further alienated the White House’s close friends.

Germany as Europe’s largest economy, has signaled that it intends to part ways with the US and play a larger role in international affairs- compared with other members of the European Union.

Berlin has realized that the public opinion in Europe does not want the Green Continent to continue its strategic partnership with Trump whose irresponsible policies have cost Europeans dear.

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel has delivered a stark warning over Washington’s new approach to international relations.

He has said that the White House no longer sees the world as a global community.

Germany’s top diplomat has also voiced concern that “nobody has turned towards the European Union” after Washington’s withdrawal from the international stage.

He has added that the EU is failing to stand for a specific set of values and accused member states of treating the union “as if they have a second one in their pocket”.

Gabriel has also warned against Trump’s recognition of Beit-ul-Moaqaddas (Jerusalem) as Israel’s capital.

He has demanded that Germany, as a major power, play a more responsible role in leading the world.

Such remarks clearly show why the top diplomat wants his country to break from the US on foreign policy.

World powers have found out that they must take serious measures to prevent the continuation of Trump’s destructive policies and make efforts to stop the US from imposing its will on the world.

Germany could turn into a more influential and responsible nation in the world if it took the initiative to adopt such measures.


Source: Iran Daily, Tehran-based English newspaper

*Hossein Ziaee is an Iranian journalist based in Germany.

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