Dec 8, 2017, 2:38 PM
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US, Zionist regime trying to sow discord among Muslims

New Delhi, Dec 8, IRNA - An Indian politician says the recent US decision to shift its embassy from Tel Aviv to Juraselm is an attempt to sow discord among Muslims and also force other world countries to recognize the holy city as the capital of the usurper Zionist regime.

Talking to IRNA in an exclusive interview on Friday, Dr. Tasleem Ahmad Rahmani who is the head of the Muslim Political Council of India denounced the decision made by the US President Donald Trump.

He said the US and the Zionist regime aimed to cause divide among Muslims.

“This is the oldest US policy to recognize Jerusalem as the Zionist regime’s capital; even Barack Obama earlier tried to shift the US embassy to Jerusalem but it was delayed. And then Donald Trump during his election campaign tried to give an expression that his West Asia policy will be direct and blunt. That’s why he has taken this decision to shift the embassy.'

He further noted that “They are trying to convince the entire world to accept Jerusalem as the capital of Zionist regime. But the irony is that Muslim world will never accept it because Palestinians have a legitimate claim on Jerusalem geographically, politically, economically and even historically. The rest of the world - particularly France and Germany - also reacted to this decision. The United Nations too is going to hold a meeting on this subject. By and large, it is not in favor of shifting US embassy to Jerusalem.”

Commenting on the role of Zionist regime lobby in pushing Trump into decision, Rahmani stressed that “the Zionist regime lobby in the US and the rest of the world, through economic and political pressure, has tried to get the Zionist regime to be accepted with Jerusalem as its capital. Now with the election of Donald Trump as the US president, the Zionist regime lobby has got an open support and as Benjamin Netanyahu has said before, they are going to achieve their goals within two years. So it is very clear that Zionist lobby is behind all the problems of the Middle East region be it in Yemen or Qatar.”

He went on to stress that the “Middle East is already politically disturbed and there is instability in this region and all these tactics are being taken to further destabilize the countries of this area. They (US and Zionist regime) want to create a more conducive atmosphere in order to cause division among the Middle East countries. On the other hand, they want to demoralize and put pressure on Iran to derail the attention of the world from killings and atrocities against innocent people of Palestine.”

The head of Muslim Political Council of India concluded by stressing that “Muslims are against the US policies, but some of the Muslim governments have taken side with the US and Zionist regime and that is the real problem. These monarchs support the US tactically and politically but general Muslim population do not support what is happening in Yemen, Qatar and other Muslim countries. Saudi Arabia has built hidden relations with the Zionist regime and they support the US policies also. Thus these forces cause division among different sectors of Muslim world and this divide will benefit the Zionist regime and US only.”

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday evening in a press conference by ignoring UN Security Council Resolution 478 dated 1980 which called Israel's move to annex East al-Quds and announce that as Israel's capital as 'Illegal', and said, 'Time is ripe to recognize Quds as Israel capital.'
He also ordered necessary preparedness to be done to relocate the US embassy from Tel Aviv to al-Quds.

In 1967, Israel occupied Quds and called it as 'Eternal capital of Israel', but international community did not recognize the move and Palestinians consider it as their own capital.


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