Dec 8, 2017, 1:55 PM
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Islamic World needs new Intifada against insult to Holy Quds

Tehran, Dec 8, IRNA – The 31st International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran ended on Thursday by publishing a final statement in which the US president recent remarks have been condemned and the need for a new Intifada against insult to Holy Quds has been emphasized.

More than 500 scholars from Shia and Sunni Muslims participated in the conference and some of them addressed the meeting on the most urgent problems facing the Muslim world.

The final statement which has 26 articles says, among others, the Muslim world has the capability to revive the Islamic civilization compatible with the requirements of the time and the new Islamic civilization can devise a program to make the human beings free from their present pains and sufferings.

The participants stressed the necessity of confrontation with the US new policy to Judaise the Holy Quds and dominate over the sanctities of Muslims and called for a new Intifada to this effect.

The participants emphasized the importance of culture in making the new Islamic civilization and called for promoting the culture of real Islam among the Muslim youths to help them not to be trapped by extremist and Takfiri thoughts.

The statement said Islamic civilization respects all other divine religions and believes that all of them should focus on their similarities while the position of Western civilization towards religions leads to tensions and conflicts.

The participants stressed the role of women and family in making civilization and called for the presence of women in society based on the real teachings of Islam.

The participants stressed that the massacres and destruction that some Islamic countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen are suffering from as well as the terrorist activities which the Muslims world is witnessing all show that there is a new attack plan to present an ugly image of Islam and destroy the opportunity of development and civilization making in the Muslim world.

The participants urged certain governments and political trends in the Muslim world which are helping to materialize the goals of the World Arrogance and Zionism and destroying the opportunities to stop their cooperation with the enemies of Ummah before given divine punishment by the free men and women of the Muslim world.

The participants expressed their gratitude to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei for his constant stress on the necessity of unity for making the new Islamic civilization.


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