Dec 7, 2017, 3:36 PM
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Zionists have no share in Quds, Palestine: Senior Palestinian leader

Damascus, Dec 7, IRNA – Secretary General of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Ahmad Jibril said on Wednesday that the only 'group' which does not have a share in Palestine, Quds and its history are Zionists.

'We do not surprise to see the US move and Trump uttering obscene words on Quds and its history,' Jibril said while speaking in an exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic News agency (IRNA).

'The move took place after the US and Zionist regime saw the humiliation, frailty and surrendering of thee Arab-Islamic states,' he said.

The weakness was first shown by influential sides in Palestine Liberation Organization and since the time they accepted Oslo Treaty, Jibril said.

Today, the treacherous rulers in Arab states who are normalizing ties with the Zionist regime say when the Palestinians have recognized Israel, there is no reason for others no to do so, he said.

The official also said that Trump feels that the Arab official establishment is disabled and outworn to show any reaction.

'We are sure that anger of the peoples inside and outside Palestine will engulf the occupiers,' he said, ensuring that resistance movement will continue to achieve victories.

Appreciating Iran for its supports to the resistance movement, he said that Iran has been standing alongside the Palestinian nation since the victory of the Islamic Revolution 1979 and stands prepared to fight the Zionist enemy.

'If it was not for weakness of the Arab states and their rulers, Trump did not dare to do such a thing,' Jibril said, noting that the US will receive harsh response in the coming days.

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