Dec 7, 2017, 2:32 PM
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Palestinians will stand up to US aggression to Quds: Activists

Qaza, Dec 7, IRNA – A number of Palestinian activists described US President Donald Trump's recognition of the Holy Quds as the Israeli capital as an aggression to Palestine and the Quds, stressing that Palestinians will never remain silent in the face of such a move.

Esmaeil Rezvan, a leader of the Palestine Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) condemned Trump's move as legally null, describing it as a 'direct aggression' to all the Islamic and Arab Ummah which will bring grave consequences for the region and globe.

Responsibility of the idiocy rests with Washington, he said, warning about widespread uprisings against the US plots.

The official called or expelling ambassadors of the Zionist regime from Arab states and mobilizing efforts to deal a strong blow to the ongoing attempts to destroy the issue of Palestine.

Holy Quds is the capital of Palestine and will be replaced by other city, he said, noting that this is the right of the Palestinians and Zionists have no right on the sacred city.

Meanwhile, Khezer Habib, one of commanders of Islamic Jihad Movement, told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) that the Palestinian nation has understood that the US government is an accomplice to Israel in its atrocities and is standing alongside the occupying regime.

Trump administration is the worst in the history of the country, he said, noting that the US' action about Quds will bring about new situation in the region to which US government and Israel should stand accountable.

The situation prevailing in Beit ul-Muqaddas does not pertain to the Palestinians alone; rather it is the major issue of the Arab-Islamic Ummah, Habib said, calling for urgent actions to save it.

In relevant remarks, spokesman of resistance committees Abu Mujahid said that Trump's decision to move US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Holy Quds is in tantamount to declaring war against all Muslims.

Palestinian nation and Arab free people will never accept relocation of the US embassy in Quds, he said.

'We are ready to foil all the plots against the Palestinian nation,' he said, all efforts will be taken to revoke the aggressive decision.

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