Dec 4, 2017, 12:44 PM
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Six working days with Iranian VP in New York

New York, Dec 4, IRNA – Iranian vice president for legal affairs left New York for Tehran on Sunday after having attended UN High-Level Meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement on Human Rights & Cultural Diversity.

Laya Joneydi had arrived in New York on November 28 to attend the meeting that was organized at Iran’s suggestion and Venezuela was to chair it.

“Iran Constitution recognizes cultural and consequently the religious diversity and allows the followers of different schools of Islam to practice their religious education, and perform matters related to personal status (marriage, divorce, inheritance, and bequest), in accordance with their own jurisprudence,” she said addressing the meeting.

“In Article 13, the Constitution goes further and recognizes other Iranian religious minorities i.e. Zoroastrians, Jews, and Christians and announces that ‘… they, within the limits of the law, are free to exercise their religious ceremonies and exercise matters of personal status and religious education according to their religion.’”

“Taking into account the clarification given on cultural and consequently legal diversity, human rights, per se, are not the construct of any particular culture. Human rights are a cross cultural consensus having roots in all cultures and civilizations. Therefore, without denial of necessity of universal concept for human rights, we strongly believe that such a universal concept will not be materialized unless it is penetrated into the conscience of each and all nations and individuals through its reliance on the common values and common aspects of all cultures.”

She also urged the need to respect cultural diversity and avoid intolerance and xenophobia as they would lead to further violence and extremism among world nations. She put emphasis 'on the legal diversity as an outcome of the cultural, economic and political peculiarities of each nation”, and said, ”Indeed, legal diversity not only is desirable but also inevitable.”

The secretariat of the human rights and cultural diversity was established in Tehran in 2007, thus the document to signed on November 30 was called “Tehran+10”. The secretariat is one of the few bodies affiliated to the Non-Alighed Movement and the only one in Iran.

Joneydi attended the meeting of solidarity with the Palestinians, which was also attended by the chairman of the 72nd UN General Assembly, chair-state of the UN Security Council, UN under secretary general who read the UN Secretary-General António Guterres’s message to the meeting; all the attendants stressed Palestinians' rights.

Then the Iranian vice-president for legal affairs met and conferred with UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Mark Andrew Lowcock. In the meeting, which was held on November 29 at the UN Headquarters in New York, both sides stressed Iran and the UN cooperation against natural disasters. They also exchanged views on Syria, Yemen and Myanmar humanitarian crises.

She also had a meeting with Venezuela's Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez to thank him for holding the meeting successfully. They discussed mutual and regional issues, and solutions to the existing problems.

Joneydi later met UN Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs Miguel de Serpa Soares. In the meeting, both parties detailed their organizations and negotiated about different legal fields, especially multilateral agreements and international trade law.

They also discussed the process of international law norm-building and formation in the UN System and the affiliated agencies, such as the Sixth Committee.

Regarding gradual change in the process of decision making in international documentation, she made some points about the likelihood of weakening international agreement laws, leaning toward international common-law as the source of norm-making and the threat of marginalizing the legal processes and politicization of norm-making in the public international laws.

Joneidi had a meeting with Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Amina Mohammad. Joneydi said in the meeting that universal education upto university levels, including men and women, is a factor to reach sustainable development.

She said that it would be useful if the UN cooperated with Iran in vocational education that is needed to enter the job market, which was welcomed by the UN deputy secretary-general.

Joneydi’s remarks about the growing role of women in managerial and decision-makings positions in Iran were highly welcomed by Mohammad.

Regarding UN’s help to finance job creation and sustainable development, Joneydi stressed the necessity of the UN’s cooperation with Iran, and the deputy secretary-general of the UN expressed readiness to take part in it.

Joneydi also attended the ceremony of Iranians residing in the US organized in New York to commemorate Prophet Mohammad’s birth anniversary.


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