Int’l, domestic pressures on US make it keep Iran Deal: Lebanese journalist

Beirut, Dec 2, IRNA – Lebanese An-Nahar columnist believes that due to international and domestic pressures on the US, it cannot annul Iran nuclear deal.

Commenting on Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s remarks about the enormous difficulty on the US’ way to put an end to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), also known as Iran Nuclear Deal, Rosana Bou Monsef said, “We need to refer to [US President Donald] Trump’s views; his views were aired in accordance with US internal situation, while the international conditions cannot be ignored. He presented very hard-line views and later announced the new US strategy abut Iran. He didn’t reaffirm Iran’s commitment to the JCPOA and threw the ball in Congress' court. We, now, see the dispute among different US organizations.”

Saying that it seems, due to pressures, the deal won’t be annulled, she added, “Trump is not predictable, but the US governmental organizations will pressure him not to kill the deal. What’s more, the Europeans’ stances cannot be overlooked; they don’t see the Deal as an ‘Iran-US’ one.”

“Europeans are talking about new issues. They are heard to talk about Iran’s missile program to gain more. I think the threat to kill the JCPOA is a sword kept over the deal to gain more in other issues.”

She said that the issues include ballistic missiles, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, etc. “ if the talks begin, they will include all the issues,” she said.

Commenting on the regional conditions, Bou Monsef said, “Negotiations are inevitable;” the tensions about the JCPOA that has recently increased will end in dialogue . “The region cannot stand another war, and no one in the region will gain from military dispute, but Israel.”


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