Iran, Pakistan must cooperate with each other for peace in Afghanistan: Pak ex-envoy

Islamabad, Dec 2, IRNA - Former Pakistan’s ambassador to Afghanistan strongly believes that Iran and Pakistan must cooperate with each other to bring peace and stability in Afghanistan.

In an interview with IRNA, Aziz Ahmed Khan said that Iran and Pakistan share very long borders with Afghanistan and can play a very crucial role for peace in Afghanistan.

“We need to cooperate with each other as these are the two countries who are most affected by the instability in Afghanistan,” he noted.

The diplomat went on to say that Afghanistan issue is very complicated which will take a long time to get resolved 'but we need to continue our efforts and cooperate to find a peaceful solution of Afghan problem.'

Former High Commissioner to India, expressing his views, said that the US has to adopt a realistic approach in Afghanistan; now it is time for them to do more.

He added peace in Afghanistan can only be restored if all the parties inside Afghanistan sit together and find peace in their country.

“Other countries, instead of interfering in Afghan internal affairs, should support the indigenous dialogue process in the war-torn country,” said the analyst.


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