Aug 30, 2017, 8:16 PM
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Glass works symbol of culture and art in archeological sites

Tehran, Aug 30, IRNA - Ancient glass works as one of the rare findings in archeological sites are a symbol of culture and art which depict capability of the craftsmen, an archeology official said.

Seyyed Mohammad Amin Emami, a faculty member of Arts University of Isfahan, made the remarks Wednesday in the first specialized session on “technology and pathology of historical glass works”.

Analyzing the erosion of glass works, he emphasized microscopic methods, saying ancient glass as one of the most unique findings in archeological sites are among the valuable works and a precious symbol of culture and art which depict the extent of capabilities and knowledge of craftsmen in the field of recognition of raw materials and work with glass making furnaces and control of temperature, the Public Relations Office of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) reported.

Given the damage inflicted on the glass works over the years in places where they are buried, the behavior of this substance in mechanical and chemical terms has always been considered by specialists, Emami said.

Such specifications have also been considered by specialists due to the creation of colors and very beautiful features on the surface of historical and ancient glass, he added.

Destructive changes on historical glass are mostly caused by the destructive and erosion trend with regard to the glass ingredients, he said historical glass depending on their use and the type of application of the object over the years enjoy specific destructive models, he noted.

He said the destruction or change in the historic glass is either due to the impact of the peripheral environment on the surface of the glass or through mass transfer as a result of change in sustainability condition from inside the glass to its outside (leaching).

Stating that in this research study, a number of historical glasses obtained from archaeological sites have been surveyed in accordance with the type of destruction, he added that the analysis of the destructive structures was conducted by using optical microscope (polarizan) with the reflective light and electronic microscope.

The methods would greatly help to identify and analyze the surface damage to the works such as weathering and arching in line with the recognition of the structures caused by the destruction and type of the damage, Emami said.